✎ Anonymous: that person must be very jealous of taylor

exactly, anon, exactly.

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✎ Anonymous: How does it feel to know Taylor swift is a fuckin slut?!

a) contrary to popular belief, taylor swift has dated 6 guys in her entire life. just because she’s rumoured to be with xx and xx doesn’t mean she’s dating them. the true definition of “slut” is a woman who is sexually promiscuous (uhm, right. 96% of all famous female singers are undeniably more sexualised than taylor — there’re so many of them at the top of my head but i won’t name them here) or someone who has casual, flippant relationships. it’s valid to say that perhaps, 6 guys for a 24-year-old might be a little bit more than average depending on your geographical culture, but the thing is, is that in all these 6 relationships, she’s completely serious about them. she truly yearns for each relationship to work, and for them to last forever. she puts her whole heart and soul in all these relationships. she invested herself into them. have you listened to her songs????? basically most lyrics in her love songs radiate such qualities. (tim mcgraw, breathe, dear john or all too well are just some very limited examples)

b) also, taylor never, ever sang explicitly about sex. unlike a whole trash load of other singers out there, where the allusion to sex (or the blatant, completely unhidden reference to sex) appears in every after lyric. when does taylor sing about sex??????????? how can you call her a “slut” when she has never, ever sang or even spoken about sex before? there’re so few a-lister musicians who has never incorporated sexual references into their songs and taylor is one of them.

c) to begin with, taylor isn’t even comfortable talking about sex. when asked about her virginity by allure magazine, taylor answered “it’s fine to talk about love publicly, but i think when you talk about virginity and sex publicly, people just automatically picture you naked. and as much as I can prevent people picturing me naked, i’m going to.” so it’s actually possible for a slut to shy away from talking about sex, wow.

d) it was never on taylor’s agenda to be “sexy”. she recently said "every artist has their set of priorities. being looked at as sexy? not really on my radar. but nice? i really hope that that is the impression."

e) have you ever seen taylor’s horrified expression and her covering her eyes at the miley cyrus performance at last year’s vmas here and here? she’s obviously very uncomfortable and inexperienced with any physical expressions of sex or anything resembling that.

f) some people are saying her outfit is getting “sexier”. right. the most “sexualised” piece of clothing she has even worn is a crop top like this one here. how is that “promoting” sex????????? you might argue, the recent crop top in the vma performance (here) is sexualised. okay, it’s definitely a little more sexy then her average outfits, but just by a little. it’s considered decent by a lot of standards when compared to other artists. in fact, very much more decent, because i could name so many names. and gosh, that girl’s 24!! she can’t possibly be wearing fairy dresses and cowboy boots her whole life, can she?

in conclusion, please know someone well enough first before calling them out as “sluts”.

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✎ Anonymous: wait what leaked photos what

apparently there’s this hacker who hacked into the iCloud account of some celebs and leaked their nude/semi-nude photos. and jennifer lawrence was one of the victims :’(

you can read more about it here

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The real tragedy here isn’t leaked photos or an invasion of privacy, it’s the woman sitting somewhere right now having to accept that her life and how she’ll approach things in the future will never be the same.

I can’t even imagine how she is feeling right now. Celebrity or not, she’s a human being and must be absolutely mortified.

just close your eyes / the sun is going down / you’ll be alright /
no one can hurt you now / come morning light /





Title: Shotgun Rider

Artist: Tim Mcgraw ft Faith Hill

Played: 266 times



She was taking heaps of Polaroids during the Red Tour and uploaded them onto Instagram and barely anyone picked these out, except people pointed out “Roses” and “Skyline” and “Ocean” 😂😂😂

Literally hundreds of people said it would have something to do with polaroids.

Long live all the magic we made.

Who cares if it’s pop, country or polka music? The song is a smash. Taylor Swift is a superstar, a superstar who has done more for the expansion of the country music audience than anyone else before her or since.